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Dongguan Team Source Display Technology Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products:LCD Module/LCD Panel/TFT LCD Display Screen/Capacitive Touch Panel/LCD Control Board
Cooperated With Fortune 500Annual Sales US $8,000,000Patents Awarded (2)Total Trading Staff (15)
What TSD has?
0.96''-32''(TN&IPS). Brightness can be designed per customer's requirement. Polarizer has TV, EWV, Ofilm. All kind of FPC design supported.

display mode with TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, DFSTN, VA.
Structure has LCD Panel, COB, COG. Connection with Zebra, Pin, FPC, Rubber. Brightness can be designed per customer's requirement.

we have standard one and also available to make the customization of with different size, shape, color, logo etc. Having G+G, G+F, G+F+F Structure. OCA and OCR Optical Bonding. Cover lens can add AR, AF,AG coating. Driver can be used FT, GT, Atmel,

Supporting size 2.4'' 2.8'' 3.2'' 3.5'' 4.3'' 5.0'' 7.0'' 10.1'' Driver has BT8XX from FTDI and etc...
Control graphics and RTP and CTP and audio etc...